Windows 11, version 22H2

Windows 11, version 22H2
Version of Microsoft Windows
Windows 11 logo and wordmark.svg
OS familyWindows 11 (NT 10.0)
CodenameSun Valley 2[1]
Preliminary name
ArchitectureAMD64, ARM64
Latest build10.0.22621
Release date
Support end
Windows 11 (original release)

Windows 11, version 22H2 (codenamed Sun Valley 2) is an upcoming feature update for Windows 11, which will succeed its original release in fall 2022. The new version is rumored to introduce support for third-party Widgets,[2] a true dark mode that would also apply to legacy Win32 apps,[1] as well as certain functionality omitted from the original release of Windows 11, such as drag-and-drop support for the taskbar. Dev builds of the update also introduced several features originally announced in the June 2021 event, including the redesigned versions of Notepad, Paint and Media Player, and the Windows Subsystem for Android, although most of these have since then been backported to the original release.

References to a future 22H2 update based on the Copper codebase were first unintentionally added to telemetry documentation in April 2021 alongside similar references to the initial Windows 11 release, as well as the Windows 10 November 2021 Update.[3][4] The target later shifted to Nickel, with build 22567 being the first Insider Preview build to include version 22H2 branding.

List of known builds[edit | edit source]

See Nickel for the list of known 22H2 builds.

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