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  • ...that an updated version of Reversi (normally not preinstalled) is included in the Windows 3.1 Driver Library?
  • ...that the new periodical release system for Windows 10 has jumped build numbers twice?
  • ...that the special actors in Microsoft Bob generally still have existing code that allows them to be used as normal actors outside of their apps?
  • ...that some builds of Windows 98 and Windows 2000 contained a Show Desktop button on the taskbar, which would be scrapped later until Windows 7 build 6568?
  • ...that early builds of Windows Me replaced the "It's now safe to turn off computer" screen with a blue screen due to the removal of real-mode MS-DOS?
  • ...that Windows XP build 2257 supports the ability to render the newly animated boot screen used in later builds?

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Windows 8 build 7985 (fbl_core1_kernel_cptx.110419-1745) is a Milestone 3 build of Windows 8 which was shared on 28 June 2022. This build features a new wallpaper with an updated wordoku puzzle. It was compiled 15 days earlier than the Computex 2011 build.

Continuing on with the evolution of Metro starting with build 7978, the unlocked features in this build are a middle ground between the early Milestone 2 Metro of builds 7927 to 7963 and the closer to final looks of builds 8032 and 8056. Several design updates to the Windows Aero theme have also been introduced, and largely resemble the Aero theme variants seen in late Windows 8 builds.