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The desktop of Windows 8 build 7814

Windows 8 build 7814 is a build of Windows 8. This build was shared on the BetaWiki Discord server on 30 September 2021. Prior to this build being shared, a screenshot was included with the original upload of build 7746 on 3 May 2020. It is the earliest available build to include the Redpill feature locking mechanism. It is also the earliest available build of Windows to include a confidential build warning in the watermark.

Due to its earliness, many areas still say "Windows 7" and the kernel version is still 6.1 (much like builds 7700, 7746, and 7850). The default background image of this build is a blue gradient with a green tint at the lower right and a message at the top advising Microsoft employees not to leak this build.