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  • ...that Windows XP build 2223 had commented out code in its Business theme file that would allow the user to configure different colors based on its settings?
  • ...that Apple has officially released several developer releases of what would later become Mac OS X for the x86 architecture as a part of its NeXT legacy, and secretly continued to maintain the port until Tiger?
  • ...that Windows Server 2003 has been renamed four times during development, before settling on its final name?
  • ...that some builds of Windows 98 and Windows 2000 contained a Show Desktop button on the taskbar, which would be scrapped later until Windows 7 build 6568?
  • ...that no build of Windows Vista (including pre-reset) actually used or even included the widespread Longhorn sound scheme?

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Windows 1.0 Premiere Edition is a pre-release version of Windows 1.0, compiled on 30 July 1985. Microsoft originally distributed it to key players in the computer industry to prove their product wasn't vaporware, as the release date had been delayed several times since the original announcement on 10 November 1983.

This build is very similar to the Windows 1.0 Beta Release from May 1985 in terms of user interface. Its default color scheme is mostly black and white, although many of the bundled in applications actually use color with an appropriate combination of video adapter and drivers. About dialogs in the Premiere Edition make use of text figures, which can also be seen in the Beta Release.


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