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  • ...that Windows Neptune was a cancelled version of Windows that ought to bring a new user interface reminiscent of Metro later introduced in Windows 8?
  • ...that the Gizmo theme that was present in Mac OS 8.5b6 originates from Copland as "Z Theme" and was intended for testing the theming service for both versions?
  • ...that there was an E variant planned for Windows 7 in addition to K, N and KN, which didn't include Internet Explorer?
  • ...that no build of Windows Vista (including pre-reset) actually used or even included the widespread Longhorn sound scheme, which actually originated from a Samsung OEM theme for Windows XP?
  • ...that Windows 98 build 1387 has a hidden button in display properties to enable title bar gradients, and is also the first build of Windows to support this feature?
  • ...that every Classic Mac OS version since Mac OS 7 renames the "Special" menu to a unique word beginning with S in beta builds for easy identification of such?

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Windows XP build 2410 (main) is a pre-Beta 2 build of Windows XP that was released to testers on 4 January 2001. Beginning the transition towards Beta 2, several updates towards Explorer and application features has been introduced and/or ported over from Windows Me, including the ability to uncompress ZIP files. This build also introduces prototypical version of Windows Product Activation and includes the Sample Test Visual Style, a theme for testing the color schemes of theme files.

Under the hood, the VGA driver now includes VESA BIOS extensions to allow high color display and higher resolutions with the default driver. A Start Page is also hidden in the build, a forerunner to the Start Screen later seen in Windows 8.


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