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  • ...that Windows Neptune was a cancelled version of Windows that ought to bring a new user interface reminiscent of Metro later introduced in Windows 8?
  • ...that there was a test for Windows NT 3.5x to see if it could use the Windows 95 shell, namely NewShell/Technology Preview?
  • ...that there are multiple Windows Longhorn builds with the same build number and lab, which are distinguished only by compile date?
  • ...that Windows XP build 2223 had commented out code in its Business theme file that would allow the user to configure different colors based on its settings?
  • ...that the boot animation used in Windows 11 2022 Update builds first appeared in Windows 10X and Windows 10 build 19587?
  • ...that every Classic Mac OS version since Mac OS 7 renames the "Special" menu to a unique word beginning with S in beta builds for easy identification of such?

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Windows NT 4.0 build 1130 is the earliest available build of Windows NT 4.0. This build notably introduces the Windows Explorer as the default shell for Windows NT, continuing upon the interface used in the Shell Technology Preview builds.

This build additionally updates the setup interface to be resemblant to that of Windows 95 during the graphical portion. It also implements an early version of the Task Manager that is resemblant to that of Windows 95, alongside the Add/Remove Programs applet for the Control Panel. Uniquely, this build has two separate program folders in the Start Menu, with a common division used for system applications for all users. Many legacy-supported hardware features has been removed, such as HPFS support, floppy installation, and the 80386 processor.


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