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  • ...that an updated version of Reversi (normally not preinstalled) is included in the Windows 3.1 Driver Library?
  • ...that there was a test for Windows NT 3.5x to see if it could use the Windows 95 shell, namely NewShell/Technology Preview?
  • ...that the special actors in Microsoft Bob generally still have existing code that allows them to be used as normal actors outside of their apps?
  • ...that Windows 1.0 and Windows 2.x have a hidden staff credits easter egg?
  • ...that Windows Longhorn build 4088 includes an early version of the .NET Managed rewrite of Desktop Window Manager that is not installed by default?
  • ...that every Classic Mac OS version since Mac OS 7 renames the "Special" menu to a unique word beginning with S in beta builds for easy identification of such?

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Windows NT 3.51 build 854 is a very early build of Windows NT 3.51. Due to its earliness, the system identifies itself as Windows NT 3.5 and setup still has references to it. This build contains a Chicago Shell feature that provides an early version of the Windows Explorer interface when properly installed.

For a long time, there was a dispute on whether this build is a post-RTM build of Windows NT 3.5, or an early build of Windows NT 3.51. Considering that it contains many features that would be introduced in the latter, it has been concluded that this build is a build of Windows NT 3.51. Sometimes, this build has been considered a build of Microsoft Cairo by some due to the inclusion of the Object File System, however, this is unlikely as the component has been included in other non-Cairo builds, including Windows NT 3.51 build 896 and numerous Windows NT 4.0 (Shell Update Release) builds.


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