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  • ...that Windows XP build 2223 had commented out code in its Business theme file that would allow the user to configure different colors based on its settings?
  • ...that Apple has officially released several developer releases of what would later become Mac OS X for the x86 architecture as a part of its NeXT legacy, and secretly continued to maintain the port until Tiger?
  • ...that Windows 95 build 90c has a mention to Windows 94 which could suggest that Chicago was planned to be called Windows 94 in the first part of 1994 and could've been released in 1994?
  • ...that the Windows XP team created a decoy theme called Mallard to hide the fact they were secretly working on Luna?
  • ...that Paint was once on the second disk of Windows 1.0 Alpha Release but later deleted by either Microsoft or the owner for unknown reasons?

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Sample Test Visual Style
Sample Test Visual Style (internally known as Mallard) is a visual style included in some pre-release builds of Windows XP. As of 2020, the only leaked builds to include the style are Windows XP build 2410, 2416, and 2419, where it includes two color schemes, called Chartreuse Mongoose and Blue Lagoon (internally referred to as Paler).

A Whistler feature planning spreadsheet from 2000-02-22 mentions a default skin set consisting of a Consumer and Pro look planned to be finished by 2000-04-28, which refers to Watercolor (then-named Business) and possibly this theme as the string Personal Visual Style has been found in the theme files in early pre-Beta 2 builds.


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