Even though Beta collectors have one common hobby, they always tend to split in many small communities, which results to a lot of confusion instead of sharing knowledge with each other. The goal of this wiki is simple yet amazing - provide a single page for every information about your favorite Beta you may ever want, regardless if you're from BetaArchive, Ring of Lightning, Binary Outcast, #nttalk, Winforum, Winclub, or even some Japanese underground group.

There already is one wiki which had more or less the same goal, and that is BetaArchive Wiki. Some of you maybe asking: What's wrong with it? Why not continue with it instead of creating a new one? Well, there is a simple answer: BetaArchive had and always will have two admins, who while maintaining the forum AND an FTP server don't really have time to create features for a wiki. Also, it has a 3-month-membership-before-contributing rule, which for me really breaks the point of having a wiki in the first place.

This wiki is still empty and far from perfect. However, I'll do my best to make it better and better, and I hope you'll help me on this long quest.

P.S. Thanks hounsell for his hosting and the domain!

--JaGoTu (talk) 14:37, 7 July 2013 (BST)