Windows 10X

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Windows 10X
Version of Microsoft Windows
Win10X 20279Desktop.png
OS familyWindows 10 (Windows NT)
CodenameSantorini, Windows Lite[1]
Preliminary name
Architecturex64, ARM64
Latest build
Release date
Support end

Windows 10X is an upcoming edition of Windows 10 that is designed for both single-screen and dual-screen tablets. It will be able to run Win32 apps by using a feature called Containers,[2] but this feature will not be bundled with the operating system's initial release.[3] This version of Windows is scheduled to be released for single-screen devices in 2021, then it will release for dual-screen devices in 2022.[4]

Builds[edit | edit source]

Pre-Public Preview[edit | edit source]

Public Preview[edit | edit source]

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