Windows 10X

Windows 10X
Version of Microsoft Windows
OS familyWindows 10 (NT 10.0)
Architecturex64, ARM64
Latest build10.0.20279.1002
Based on
Windows Core OS

Windows 10X is a canceled version of Microsoft Windows that was intended for both single-screen and dual-screen tablets. It is based on Windows Core OS in a similar fashion to the canceled Polaris project. Development of the operating system was halted in February 2021 and then later canceled, with some key functionalities being incorporated to Windows 11 and other products.[2][3]

The operating system featured a new GUI stack using DirectX and UWP. Although it still contains the Win32 subsystem, the base system does not include the old USER/GDI stack and legacy Win32 apps have to run virtualized, either using remoting or a purpose-built container.[4]

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Pre-Public Preview[edit | edit source]

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