Windows NT 4.0

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Windows NT 4.0
Version of Microsoft Windows
Windows NT logo.svg
OS familyWindows NT
CodenameShell Update Release
Preliminary name
Architecturex86, Alpha, MIPS, PC98, PowerPC
Latest build
Release date1996-07-31
Support end2006-07-11
Server, Enterprise Edition
Server, Terminal Server Edition
Windows NT 3.5x
Replaced by
Windows 2000

Windows NT 4.0 (codenamed Shell Update Release) is the successor to Windows NT 3.51 and the first version of Windows NT to feature the Windows Explorer interface introduced in Windows 95. It is the last version of Windows NT to include NT in its product name. It was succeeded by Windows 2000.

The Windows Desktop Update further enhances the shell by incorporating features from Windows 98.

Editions[edit | edit source]

There are several editions of Windows NT 4.0:

Service Packs[edit | edit source]

There were 6 service packs released for Windows NT 4.0. There was a 7th Service Pack planned, but it was cancelled and Update Rollup 6a was released instead.

Clouds Easter egg[edit | edit source]

Windows NT 4.0 contains the Clouds Easter egg from Windows 95; like in Windows 95, it is implemented in SHELL32.DLL, and the steps to show it are much like in Windows 95: create a new folder, name it New Folder, rename it to and now, the moment you've all been waiting for, rename again to we proudly present for your viewing pleasure, rename finally to The Microsoft Windows NT Product Team!, open folder. ("95" was replaced by "NT")

The text is in SHELL32.DLL's resource BIN and XORed with 0x95 as an obfuscation measure.

For similar reasons, the easter egg folder names are stored in the .text section of SHELL32.DLL as custom hashes of the old folder name concatenated with the new folder name.

This was implemented by build 1175 and there shows the "SUR Shell Team" and "SUR Shell Test Team"; at some point after that the text was replaced by a message informing that "you won't find the credits here".

Builds[edit | edit source]

Pre-Beta 1[edit | edit source]

Beta 1[edit | edit source]

Beta 2[edit | edit source]

Pre-Release Candidate 1[edit | edit source]

Release Candidate 1[edit | edit source]

Release Candidate 2[edit | edit source]

Pre-RTM[edit | edit source]

RTM[edit | edit source]

Service Pack 1[edit | edit source]

Service Pack 2[edit | edit source]

Service Pack 3 Beta[edit | edit source]

Service Pack 3[edit | edit source]

Service Pack 4[edit | edit source]

Service Pack 5[edit | edit source]

Service Pack 6 Beta[edit | edit source]

Service Pack 6[edit | edit source]

Service Pack 6a[edit | edit source]

Post-Service Pack 6a Security Rollup[edit | edit source]