Windows 11 build 22587 (ni_release)

Build of Windows 11 2022 Update
OS familyWindows 11 (NT 10.0)
Version number10.0
Build number22587
Build labni_release
Compiled on2022-03-26

Windows 11 build 22587 (ni_release) is a build of Windows 11 2022 Update. It was mentioned on several occasions:

  • A screenshot posted in the announcement page of build 22593.[1]
  • A Visual Studio demo session for "Let's Learn .NET" posted to YouTube on 30 March 2022.[2]
  • Two issues posted to GitHub repositories of PSReadLine and VSTeam modules on 29 March 2022.[3][4]

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Input[edit | edit source]

Microsoft Journal will be pinned by default in the Pen menu on the taskbar and will automatically install from Microsoft Store when clicked.

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