Windows 11 build 22622.450

Build of Windows 11 2022 Update
ArchitectureAMD64, ARM64
Compiled on2022-07-23
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Windows 11 build 22622.450 is a build of Windows 11 2022 Update. It was released to a subset of Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel on 2 August 2022 as the KB5015669 enablement update to build 22621.450.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • The ability of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint has been enhanced to identify and intercept ransomware and advanced attacks.
  • Windows will now compress a file regardless of its size if the SMB compression is configured.
  • The storage replication that occurs over low bandwidth or congested WAN has been improved.

Bugfixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue that causes Windows to display tablet mode features for some devices that do not have touchscreens.
  • Fixed an issue that causes some application windows to have blank sections in the Task View preview.
  • Fixed an issue that causes the 0x80070026 error when copying files from network drives.
  • Fixed a token leak issue in the LsapGetClientInfoEx.
  • Fixed an issue that causes sihost.exe to use a high amount of the CPU in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue that causes Microsoft Edge to stop responding when using IE mode and prevents users from interacting with a dialog.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • The Photos app may crash in some cases.
  • SQL Server Management Studio may fail to launch.
  • The audio may stop working in some cases.

File Explorer[edit | edit source]

  • The left-half of the File Explorer title bar may not be draggable via mouse or touch.
  • The Up button next to File Explorer address bar may be misaligned with other buttons.
    • This issue will only be encountered if the tabbed browsing feature is enabled on the device.

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