Windows NT 3.1

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Windows NT 3.1
Version of Microsoft Windows
OS familyWindows NT
Preliminary name
Architecturex86, Alpha, MIPS
Latest build
Release date1993-07-27
Support end2000-12-31
Workstation[note 1]
Advanced Server
Replaced by
Windows NT 3.5x

Windows NT 3.1 is the first version of Windows NT. It was originally targeted for the Intel i860 CPU, but that was later abandoned and the system was instead ported to the MIPS platform in 1989 and to the Intel 386 in 1990. Later on it was also released for the DEC Alpha.

Its codename was NT OS/2 due to the fact that it was initially going to be OS/2 3.0. However, even before OS/2 2.0 was completed, IBM and Microsoft ended their partnership and the latter developed Windows NT on their own and the new OS was very reminiscent of OS/2. For example, the NTFS file system it introduced is heavily based upon IBM's HPFS used in OS/2, both even use the same disk partition ID. It was succeeded by Windows NT 3.5 in 1994. Several update packages were released for NT 3.1 during its lifetime.



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  1. Officially called simply Windows NT 3.1 without any additional SKU designation.