Windows Embedded Compact 7

Windows Embedded Compact 7
Version of Microsoft Windows
OS familyWindows CE
Architecturex86, MIPS, ARM
Release date2011-03-01
Support end2021-04-13
Windows CE 6.0
Replaced by
Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Windows Embedded Compact 7 (codenamed Chelan), released on 1 March 2011, is the seventh major revision of the Windows CE embedded operating system. With this release, the "CE" moniker was dropped from the name in favor of the expanded "Embedded Compact" title.

New features and improvements[edit | edit source]

  • The Silverlight API has been introduced to allow easier design and use of fluid, "modern" UIs and programs. It is different from the traditional Silverlight.
  • An XAML API framework similar to (but not compatible with) Windows Presentation Foundation has been implemented to supplement the Silverlight API. It is possible to replace message boxes and the touch input panel with XAML variations.
  • A new window compositor has been implemented to enhance GWES (graphics, windowing, events server) with OpenGL to allow an assortment of effects to be used on windows such as alpha blending.
  • Internet Explorer has been updated to 7.0 and includes Flash Player 10.1 support.
  • Modern touch gestures have been added.
  • Multi-Core symmetric multiprocessing support has been added.
  • A new wireless zero configuration API was added to replace the API removed in Windows Embedded CE 6.

Features degraded and/or removed[edit | edit source]

  • SuperH support has been degraded in comparison to the Windows Embedded CE 6 series. Only SuperH 4 is supported in the automotive configuration.
  • Solitaire and Freecell games have been removed.
  • MSN Messenger has been removed.

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