Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs

Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
Version of Microsoft Windows
WFLPC logo.svg
OS familyWindows NT
Preliminary name
Latest build
Release date2006-07-08
Support end2014-04-08[1]
Based on
Windows XP Embedded
Replaced by
Windows Thin PC

Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs (also known as Windows FLP) is a lighter version of the Windows XP operating system developed by Microsoft, and is designed for business users with older hardware. Many components of the operating system are optional, tailoring to specific needs. It is based on the Embedded edition of the aforementioned operating system, and was only obtainable through the Microsoft Software Assurance program.

This operating system was released to manufacturing on 8 July 2006 and was intended for Microsoft Software Assurance users who were still running Windows 9x (or Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000) to upgrade to Windows XP, without having to change hardware (such as memory or the CPU). It had a successor known as Windows Thin PC.

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