Windows NT 3.5x

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Microsoft Windows NT 3.5x
OS family Windows NT
Version 3.5x
Architecture x86, Alpha, MIPS, PC98, PowerPC
Release date 1994-09-21 (3.5)
1995-05-30 (3.51)
Support end 2001-12-31

Windows NT 3.5x is a family of NT-based operating systems released by Microsoft. These versions of Windows are the last of the NT series with the Windows 3.1-style user interface, as Windows NT 4.0 would introduce the Windows 95-style shell.

Notably, an early version of the Windows 95-style shell is available for Windows NT 3.51 via the NewShell update. NewShell replaces Program Manager and adds a new desktop, taskbar, and user interface graphics.


Windows NT 3.5[edit]

Windows NT 3.5 was released on 1994-09-21. It is the first version to acquire the edition names of 'Workstation' and 'Server'. This version of Windows NT cannot be installed in a processor newer than the original Pentium.


Beta 1[edit]

Beta 2[edit]

Release Candidate 1[edit]

Release Candidate 2[edit]



Windows NT 3.51[edit]

Windows NT 3.51 is the first release of Windows NT with support for the PowerPC architecture. PCMCIA support, NTFS file compression, replaceable GINA and 3D support in OpenGL.


Release Candidate[edit]



Service Pack 1[edit]

Service Pack 2[edit]

Service Pack 3[edit]

Service Pack 4[edit]

Service Pack 5[edit]

Shell Technology Preview (NewShell)[edit]

Windows NT 3.52[edit]

This version is mentioned in some Microsoft help pages, although there may be no other real proof of this version...