Windows NT 3.1 13 November 1991 build

13 November 1991 build
Build of Windows NT 3.1
OS familyWindows NT
Version number1.0
Architecturex86, MIPS
Compiled on1991-11-13

A build of Windows NT 3.1 dated 13 November 1991 was demonstrated at a business talk in early 1992 by then-current Microsoft contractor Yonah Alexandre Bronstein, one of the main individuals responsible for leading the effort in porting Windows NT to the MIPS architecture as part of their involvement in the DEC WSE NT team. The build was shown running on a DECstation 5000 Model 200 workstation, powered by a MIPS R3000 CPU.

The talk discussed the overall strategic and technological effectiveness of the Windows NT operating system in its current state during early 1992. Towards the end of the talk, Bronstein mentions the build in question is from 13 November 1991 and that it's "pre-PDK2" (i.e. earlier than build 239, the PDK2 release from December 1991).[1] This build could be one of the PDK2 release candidate builds mentioned in the TEXTHIST.XLS spreadsheet from the leaked NT 3.5 build 782 source code, but this cannot be confirmed at this point.

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