Windows NT 3.1 build 245

Build of Windows NT 3.1
OS familyWindows NT
Version number1.0
Build number245

Windows NT 3.1 build 245 is a build of Windows NT 3.1, mentioned in the file NTTARGTS.TXT from the Windows NT 4.0 source code. The included date appears to include a typo - year of 91 instead of 92 - and suggests this build may have been compiled on 15 January 1992.

In order to build NETUI, developers must be enlisted in the NETUI
project (\nt\private\net\ui), the NET project, and the EVENTLOG project.
NETUI should join the official build as of 1/15/91 (build 1.245).  UI
should become an optional directory target in \nt\private\net\dirs, and
should be built in the official build.