Windows NT 3.1 build 354

Build of Windows NT 3.1
OS familyWindows NT
Version number3.1
Build number354
Build revision1

Windows NT 3.1 build 354 is a build of Windows NT 3.1, mentioned in the file DBPOLICY.C from the Windows NT 4.0 source code.

// The following check is disabled so that replication will work when
// reading from a PDC with pre-Build 354 Auditing Event Information
// in which there were 12 categories.
// The following is a temporary hack to allow replication
// to work with the PDC has the PolicyAuditEventInfomation
// as it was prior to build 354 with 12 Audit Event Categories.
// We simply truncate it.

It's also mentioned in the file MISC.C.

* Revision 1.4  1993/01/28  10:36:44  rik
* Updated function to always return STATUS_PENDING since I always IRP requests
* status pending.  This is a new requirement for NT build 354.