Windows NT 3.1 build 369

Build of Windows NT 3.1
OS familyWindows NT
Version number3.1
Build number369
Build revision1

Windows NT 3.1 build 369 is a build of Windows NT 3.1, mentioned in the files DBMISC.C and RPCAPI.C from the Windows NT 3.5 build 782.1 source code. It is described in the comment as a "pre Beta 2 version" in the former.

This function is the former LSA server RPC worker routine for the
    LsaDelete API.  It has been termorarily retained for compatibility
    with pre Beta 2 versions 1.369 and earlier of the system.  It has been
    necessary to replace this routine with a new one, LsarDeleteObject(),
    on the RPC interface.  This is because, like LsarClose(), a pointer to a
    handle is required rather than a handle so that LsarDeleteObject() can
    inform the RPC server calling stub that the handle has been deleted by
    returning NULL.   The client wrapper for LsaDelete() will try to call
    LsarDeleteObject().  If the server code does not contain this interface,
    the client will call LsarDelete().  In this event, the server's
    LSAPR_HANDLE_rundown() routine may attempt to rundown the handle after it
    has been deleted (versions 1.363 - 369 only).
// Try calling the new worker routine LsarDeleteObject().  If
// this fails because it does not exist (versions 1.369 and earlier)
// then call the old routine LsarDelete().