Windows NT 3.1 HAL-PC 1993 build

HAL-PC 1993 build
Build of Windows NT 3.1
OS familyWindows NT
Version number3.1

Windows NT 3.1 HAL-PC 1993 build is an unidentified pre-release build of Windows NT 3.1 that was shown during an NT vs OS/2 shootout at a HAL-PC event on 4 June 1993.[1]

Many new features of Windows NT were demonstrated, including advanced multitasking, the new NTFS file system, network printing, control panel and others. One notable difference from any other leaked build is the different Command Prompt icon in the main program group, as it is the CMD.EXE icon instead of the usual MS-DOS logo.

There is no visible build number in the video, nor is the version that was demonstrated ever referred to as a pre-release version. However, the RTM build 511.1 was compiled on 24 July 1993, so the version shown at the event is definitely a pre-release build. The build must be between builds 404.1 and 475.1, since the event took place several days before the latter was compiled, and Windows NT Setup and Control Panel icons are newer than those in build 404.1.

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