Windows NT 3.1 build 531

Build of Windows NT 3.1
OS familyWindows NT
Version number3.1
Build number531
Build revision1
Architecturex86, DEC Alpha, PC-98
Compiled on1994-01-24
Advanced Server
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Windows NT 3.1 build 531 is the official Japanese RTM of Windows NT 3.1. The free build for Alpha and the checked build for x86 is available on a MSDN CD from April 1994. BetaArchive member ReflectiaX showed the 3.5" 2HD floppy variation of this build's box for the NEC PC-9800 series computers.[1][2] A Compaq OEM CD containing the free build for x86 in both client and Advanced Server SKUs was uploaded to the Internet Archive on 14 December 2021.[3]

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