Windows XP 64-Bit Edition

Not to be confused with Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.

Windows XP 64-Bit Edition
Version of Microsoft Windows
Windows XP wordmark.svg
OS familyWindows NT
Version5.1, 5.2
Preliminary name
Latest build
Release date2001-10-25
Support end2005-01-05
Based on
Windows XP Professional (Version 2002)
Windows Server 2003 (Version 2003)

Windows XP 64-Bit Edition is an edition of Windows XP designed for the Itanium processors. Two versions of this edition were released; one that used the original Windows XP codebase and another that used the Windows Server 2003 codebase.

List of known builds[edit | edit source]

Version 2002[edit | edit source]

RTM[edit | edit source]

Version 2003[edit | edit source]

Beta[edit | edit source]

RTM[edit | edit source]