Windows XP build 2296

Build of Windows XP
Release nameBeta 1
OS familyWindows NT
Version number5.1
Build number2296
Build revision1
Architecturex86, IA-64
Build labbeta1
Compiled on2000-10-24
Expiration date
Timebomb+180 days after original install date
About dialog
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Windows XP build 2296 is the official Beta 1 build of Windows XP, which was released in multiple languages on 31 October 2000.[1] However, out of the several language variants, only the Korean version is currently available. The Simplified Chinese, German, and Japanese language versions of this build are known to exist, but have not been publicly surfaced yet. Similarly, the IA-64 compile was released on 3 November 2000, but as of 2024 it remains unleaked.

This build was compiled in evaluation mode and as such it can be installed on the current date.

Known variants[edit | edit source]

Edition Arch. Build type Language Available
Personal x86 Free/Retail English (US) Yes
Korean Yes
Japanese No
Professional x86 Free/Retail English (US) Yes
Checked/Debug English (US) Yes
Free/Retail German No
Korean Yes
IA-64 Free/Retail English (US) No
Checked/Debug English (US) No
Unknown Chinese (Simplified) No

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

Setup[edit | edit source]

A new introduction "Welcome to Windows Whistler Beta 1!" text was added at the beginning of the GUI setup, telling the user that their feedback is critical to the success of Windows XP. The "Welcome to Windows Whistler Setup!" pop up has also been removed.

Release notes[edit | edit source]

A shortcut to the Beta 1 release notes has been added to the desktop.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

Login screen[edit | edit source]

If the user upgrades to this build, the login screen loads the Arial font instead of the correct font (Trebuchet MS) on the first boot. It will load the correct font upon rebooting the system.

Korean version[edit | edit source]

Some places of the Korean version are left untranslated, like the graphical overlay of upgrade setup or the OOBE.

File differences[edit | edit source]

The following files have been introduced or removed compared to build 2287 Professional:

Added files
Name Description Version
Removed files
Name Description Version

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English version[edit | edit source]

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Korean version[edit | edit source]

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Simplified Chinese version (unleaked)[edit | edit source]

German version (unleaked)[edit | edit source]

Japanese version (unleaked)[edit | edit source]

IA-64 version (unleaked)[edit | edit source]

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