Microsoft Windows visual style
Luna in Windows XP build 2600
Olive Green variant
Olive Green variant
Silver variant
Silver variant
Included inWindows XP
First seen inWindows XP build 2415 (Lab06_N)
Windows CE 5.0
Last seen inWindows Vista build 5059 (vbl_wcp_avalon)
Windows Embedded Compact 7

Luna is the main visual style used in most editions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Prototyping for the theme started in 1999 and it was officially unveiled on the CES 2001 conference in January 2001. The first available build to include the visual style was Windows XP build 2428, where it replaced the previously included Watercolor and Mallard placeholder themes. It was also present in all pre-reset Longhorn builds as well as early post-reset builds. Some elements of the theme, such as the window frame and color scheme, have also been adopted in contemporary Windows CE versions.

The first known build to include the final variant of Luna is the Lab06_N compile of build 2474. There are various slight differences between the preliminary and final version, most importantly the lack of color schemes other than blue in the preliminary variant, while the final version also includes the Silver and Olive Green color schemes. The preliminary version is also slightly more glossy than the final one.

The last available build to include the theme is build 5048, which uses a different graphic for the Start menu right pane taken from the Slate theme for an unknown reason. Build 5059 is the last known build to include the theme, as it was demonstrated on the WinHEC 2005 conference with the Olive Green variant set.

The newer Royale theme introduced in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 retains the overall dimensions and look of Luna while using contemporary visual effects. The Slate theme used in later pre-reset Longhorn builds is also partially based on Luna, although it is different in some aspects such as the window caption font.

The Sticky Notes app used an yellow Luna theme up to Windows 7.

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