Windows XP Starter Edition

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Windows XP Starter Edition
Version of Microsoft Windows
Windows XP wordmark.svg
OS familyWindows NT
Preliminary name
Latest build
Release date2004-08-11[1]
Support end2014-04-08
Starter Edition
Based on
Windows XP Home Edition
Replaced by
Windows Vista Starter

Windows XP Starter Edition is an edition of Windows XP, released on 11 August 2004. It is a stripped down version of Windows XP Home Edition that was released internationally for low-cost or low-end PCs in developing countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and some Latin American countries.

Differences from other SKUs[edit | edit source]

  • The Luna theme cannot be activated since the tab to change the theme is removed. However, the file is still available and can be used via registry modification.
  • The user cannot run more than three programs or three sessions of a program. Terminating explorer.exe may bypass this though.
  • This build will not boot on a faster CPU, as it will result in an "Unsupported state" error message that results in a system crash. Alongside, it will not recognize more than 512MB of RAM (256MB for most international releases).
  • A permanent watermark is added on the bottom right of the screen, which will still appear on top of everything as long as explorer.exe is active.
  • It uses large icons and mouse cursor by default.
  • There is only one wallpaper that is used by default. However, international releases have different backgrounds.
  • It contains a very different File Protection, if there is any user modification in the registry or a few system files, then an "Unsupported state" error message will appear and then winlogon.exe will get terminated, more than likely leading to a system crash. This is mostly seen Disabling some protection services may prevent this, however it has a very harsh File Protection system which restores the files and the registry settings upon changing them.
  • Classic View in the Control Panel is missing, however it can be restored via logging in as a SYSTEM or NETWORKSERVICE account privilege.
  • Attempting to logon as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM works, however it doesn't provide much advantages over the regular "Administrator" account, and much of the protected system components are controlled by a higher level.
  • Being based of Windows XP Home Edition, many MMC extensions won't work, even when being logged on as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.
  • Terminating critical system processes such as winlogon.exe or lsass.exe is not possible by regular means, and the tskill command line utility is extremely limited.
  • Even if all system processes are force stopped, the system does not trigger a BSOD, the only exception to that stopping the RPC service which leads to an issued "shutdown" by the system.

Apparently, there is also a 1024x768 screen resolution limitation, but it is not implemented.

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