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86Box (formerly PCem-X, PCem Experimental or PCem Unofficial) is an emulator of IBM PC compatible machines developed by the SoftHistory collective lead by Battler. It is based on PCem.

Supported guest operating systems[edit]

An incomplete list of OS that can run on it.

Emulated hardware[edit]

  • CPU: Any CPU from an 8086/8088 to a Pentium MMX 300 MHz is supported, including IDT/Cyrix/AMD variants. A dynamic recompiler is available, optional for 486 and mandatory for Pentium and later processors.
  • FPU: FPUs are emulated for all 486DX and higher machines. For 286/386 machines, a 287/387SX/387DX FPU can be emulated optionally. 8087 FPUs aren't supported yet.

Graphics cards[edit]

  • MDA
  • Hercules
  • Hercules Plus
  • Hercules InColor
  • CGA
  • PCjr
  • Tandy
  • EGA
  • VGA
  • OAK OTI-067
  • OAK OTI-077
  • Trident TVGA8900D
  • Cirrus GD5429 (Preliminary)
  • Tseng ET4000AX
  • Tseng ET4000/W32p (W32i code also implemented, but no BIOS is available for it yet.)
  • Various ATI cards before the Mach 64
  • ATI Mach 64
  • S3 Trio64
  • S3 ViRGE
  • 3dfx Voodoo
  • nVidia RIVA 128 (Preliminary)
  • nVidia RIVA TNT (Preliminary)
  • nVidia TNT2 (Vanilla, Pro, and Ultra) (Preliminary)

Network interface controllers[edit]

  • NE1000 compatible for ISA
  • NE2000 compatible for ISA
  • Realtek RTL8029AS

Sound cards[edit]

  • PCjr and Tandy
  • Game Blaster or Creative Music System
  • AdLib
  • Adlib Gold
  • Sound Blaster 1.0 through AWE32
  • Gravis Ultrasound
  • Windows Sound System
  • Innovation SSI-2001