Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs build 2600.2907

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Build of Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
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Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
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Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs build 2600.2907 is an RTM build of Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs (or FLP for short). As Windows FLP is designed to be a minimal operating system, it does not include some components from Windows XP such as games, Microsoft Paint, or the Compatibility Mode framework.

User Interface[edit]

Windows FLP notably uses the older Windows 2000 icon set by default (as it starts in 800x600 at 16-bit color during first boot), while keeping the Luna theme from Windows XP. The build also has a unique brand banner utilizing the Windows Longhorn-Vista-era Windows logo and font set (similar to that of Vista build 5219 and later).

Setup Experience[edit]

Windows FLP is distributed in Windows Image (or WIM) format, similar to that of Windows Vista. As such, the setup process runs only in graphics mode and relies on the First Boot Agent. PCem will have setup crash while it's loading.