Windows Triton

Windows Triton
Version of Microsoft Windows
Service Pack roadmap[1]
OS familyWindows NT
Preliminary name
Latest build
Release date
Support end
Windows Neptune

Triton was the codename for a canceled version of Microsoft Windows, which was scheduled for release in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2001, following Windows Neptune.

History[edit | edit source]

The confidential documents used against Microsoft provide information that Windows Triton was not a service pack for the canceled Windows Neptune as originally thought, but in fact its successor. The documents show the planned service packs for Triton and shows the planning of what it will run on. The document also states on page 67 that the RTM for Triton was planned in March 2001, SP1 in May 2001, SP2 in September 2001, SP3 in January 2002 and SP4 in July 2002. Microsoft was planning a 64-bit version of Neptune, as well as Triton. In the Windows Desktop Product Roadmap on page 26, it describes Triton as a minor release to Neptune userbase - "continue refining products based on PC capability".[1]

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