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Windows Neptune build 5000 is an unconfirmed and controversial build of Windows Neptune. Screenshots of this build have been uploaded to BetaArchive by member A.Nonymous on 11 October 2008.[1] Since then, the screenshots, the build itself, and the member who posted them have been a source of much controversy, with many believing the screenshots and the build are fake. However, there is currently no evidence to prove this, or to prove they're authentic, as too little is known about early Neptune builds.

Build 5000 may have actually existed, though. Files WINNT32A.DLL and WINNT32U.DLL from Neptune build 5111.1 contain a dialog window with placeholder text saying "Files for Neptune build 5XXX are now available.". This suggests that Neptune builds were only in the 5xxx range and the first build may have indeed been 5000.

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