Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Version of Microsoft Windows
OS familyWindows NT
CodenameLonestar (2005)[1]
Release date2002-11-07
Support end2014-04-08
Based on
Windows XP Professional
Replaced by
Windows Vista

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is an edition of Windows XP for Tablet PC computers with pen-sensitive screens, which was originally released on 7 November 2002. It includes various tools and accessories that can be used with a pen such as Windows Journal, InkBall, Sticky Notes and Tablet PC Input Panel. A follow-up version, Version 2005 (codenamed Lonestar) was released in August 2004 and is an OEM version or a service pack update for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

With the release of Windows Vista, all Tablet PC components have been included with the OS itself without the need of a separate edition.

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