Windows Server 2003 build 2462 (main.010315-1720)

Build of Windows Server 2003
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Timebomb+180 days after original install date
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Advanced Server

Windows Server 2003 build 2462 (main.010315-1720) is a build of Windows Server 2003 compiled for the IA-64 architecture. It was uploaded to BetaArchive by ReflectiaX on 3 December 2018. Prior to its publication, a screenshot was uploaded to the Bochs website around June 2001 and later shown on BetaArchive on 20 August 2009.[1]

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Unlike all other compiles of this build, which contain "Whistler Personal" bitmaps, MSGINA.DLL in the IA-64 version includes "Windows 2000 Personal 64-Bit" login banners based off the Autorun header bitmap from the Windows 2000 Professional RTM disc. This is particularly interesting, since Windows 2000 was never planned to have an edition targeted at home customers, who at the time tended to be Windows 9x users. Instead, antitrust documents from February 1998 mention Windows Neptune as the successor to both Windows 2000 (then still referred to as NT5) and Windows 98.

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