macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura
Version of macOS
Preliminary name
Architecturex86_64, ARM64e
Latest build22G807
Release date2022-10-24
Support end
macOS Monterey
Replaced by
macOS Sonoma

macOS Ventura, or macOS 13, is the nineteenth major release of macOS that was released on 24 October 2022. It was announced on 6 June 2022 at WWDC.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • Added Stage Manager, a new multitasking feature.
  • Added Weather and Clock apps, which are functionally similar to their iOS counterparts.
  • The System Preferences app was renamed to System Settings. It was redesigned to make it similar with the look and feel of Settings in iOS.
  • Enhancements to Continuity. The user can now use a compatible iPhone as the extended webcam for the Mac.
  • Added ability to undo sent emails in Mail.
  • Added ability to edit and undo sent messages in iMessage.
  • Added Shared Tab Groups and Passkeys to Safari with version 16.
  • Updated the design for Siri to be consistent with iOS.
  • Improvements to the Spotlight feature.
  • Added Live Captions.
  • Added support for Metal 3.
    • Intel HD 600 (Gen 9.5), AMD Vega (GCN 5), and Apple M1 chips are cited as being the minimum required hardware to support Metal 3.
    • AMD Polaris GPUs still function within the OS, but only support the Metal 2 feature set.
  • Added Lockdown Mode, which increases security to help protect against sophisticated cyber attacks.
  • Added Rapid Security Response updates, a feature that allows for fast patching of user-space without full System Volume updates.

Hardware compatibility[edit | edit source]

macOS Ventura is officially compatible with the following Macs:

  • iMac (2017 and later)
  • iMac Pro (2017)
  • MacBook (2017)
  • MacBook Air (2018 and later)
  • MacBook Pro (2017 and later)
  • Mac mini (2018 and later)
  • Mac Studio (2022 and later)
  • Mac Pro (2019 and later)

Support for the following hardware has been removed:

  • Intel CPUs without AVX2 support (Ivy Bridge and older; Comet Lake and older for Pentium and Celeron processors)
  • AMD Graphics Core Next 3-based GPUs and older
  • Intel HD Graphics with Skylake CPUs and older
  • USB 1.0 (UHCI) and USB 2.0 (OHCI)
  • USB Maps
  • Intel Ethernet adapters
  • Pre-Force Touch Trackpads

List of known builds[edit | edit source]

13.0[edit | edit source]

13.0.1[edit | edit source]

13.1[edit | edit source]

13.2[edit | edit source]

13.2.1[edit | edit source]

13.3[edit | edit source]

13.3.1[edit | edit source]

13.4[edit | edit source]

13.4.1[edit | edit source]

13.5[edit | edit source]

13.5.1[edit | edit source]

13.5.2[edit | edit source]

13.6[edit | edit source]

13.6.1[edit | edit source]

13.6.2[edit | edit source]

13.6.3[edit | edit source]

13.6.4[edit | edit source]

13.6.5[edit | edit source]

13.6.6[edit | edit source]

13.6.7[edit | edit source]

13.6.8[edit | edit source]