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Typeemulator, hypervisor
Host platformWindows, macOS, Linux
Guest platformVarious[a]
Initial release version
Initial release date
Latest release version7.1.0
Latest preview version
Latest release date30 August 2022

QEMU (which stands for Quick Emulator[2]) is an emulator that replicates the functionality of various hardware devices. It is mostly based around the Linux environment and runs via command line, although several third-party GUI launchers are also available. QEMU provides support for hardware/software-based acceleration, which includes (but is not limited to) KVM, HAXM, WHPX and HVF, and formerly KQEMU.

On Linux, QEMU has multiple graphical user interfaces such as virt-manager, AQEMU, and GNOME Boxes.

Supported guest operating systems[edit | edit source]

Mac OS versions[edit | edit source]

QEMU can also emulate several Mac OS versions.

68k versions[edit | edit source]

PPC versions[edit | edit source]

Emulated hardware[edit | edit source]

Computers[edit | edit source]

  • MIPS Magnum (magnum)
  • Standard PC (pc)
  • ISA-based PC (isapc)
  • PC with i440FX chipset (pc-i440fx)
  • PC with Q35 chipset (pc-q35 and q35)

Graphics adapters[edit | edit source]

  • Standard VGA (std)
  • Cirrus Logic 5446 PCI (cirrus)
  • VMware SVGA (vmware)
  • None (nographic)
  • Red Hat QXL (qxl)
  • Virtual I/O (virtio)

Input peripherals[edit | edit source]

  • PS/2 mouse (ps2)
  • USB mouse (usb-mouse)
  • USB multi-touch tablet (usb-tablet)

Sound cards[edit | edit source]

  • Sound Blaster 16 (sb16)
  • Intel AC97 (ac97)
  • Gravis UltraSound (gus)
  • Ensoniq AudioPCI 1370 (es1370)
  • AdLib (adlib)
  • Crystal CS4321A (cs4321a)
  • Intel HD Audio (hda)
  • PC speaker (pcspk)

Network adapters[edit | edit source]

  • Intel E1000 (e1000)
  • NE2000 ISA (ne2k_isa)
  • NE2000 PCI (ne2k_pci)
  • Realtek RTL8139 Fast Ethernet NIC (rtl8139)
  • AMD PCnet-FAST III (pcnet)
  • Virtual I/O (virtio)

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