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Windows Vista build 3790.1232 is one of the first Longhorn builds compiled after the development reset, and the first to be compiled in the newly named winmain branch. It is a rebranded Windows Server 2003 SP1 beta; there is no evidence that this is a "Longhorn" build except for references in the End-User License Agreement. It was described by Grabberslasher on his UX.Unleaked blog on 2 May 2008. The Professional version of this build was uploaded to BetaArchive on 14 August 2011, while the Home Edition version of this build was uploaded to the aforementioned site as the second set of his 33 Longhorn/Vista builds on 25 January 2020, alongside build 4005 and build 4039 (Lab06 n.030824-1954).[1][2]

This build is not functionally a Longhorn build, but since it has the Longhorn EULA (End User License Agreement), it was still distributed as a Longhorn build and was intended to be tested as such. Furthermore, most updates for Windows Server 2003 such as Service Pack 2 and Internet Explorer 8 can be manually installed on this build with little to no workarounds. Windows Update however does not work since Microsoft has never released an NT 5.2 build of Windows XP in the x86 architecture.

This is the client counterpart of Windows Server 2008 build 3790.1232.

Background[edit | edit source]

Microsoft had numerous problems with earlier Longhorn builds, including stability issues and memory leaks due to the use of relatively new technologies such as .NET, Avalon and Managed C++, as well as organizational issues and feature creep. Because of this, the Longhorn project was reset to the latest codebase of Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, which was still in the works at the time. In addition, its planned feature set was reconsidered and a ban on .NET was instituted in the Windows source tree, with the exception of certain components. This build is virtually unchanged from its base build, aside from it being compiled in the new winmain branch.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Zero-day activation[edit | edit source]

The build must be activated before log-on. Most versions online have a way to remove this activation method, although the copy on BetaArchive's FTP server has these methods removed.

Missing files[edit | edit source]

During setup, you will encounter a prompt that asks you where to look for some files. The default answer is the root directory of your CD-ROM drive, but you must use the i386 directory to copy those files. If not followed, a lot of applications will be missing. Note that this only applies to the original leak.

Missing files in the original images[edit | edit source]

The original copies of this build are completely unfixed, meaning that the above instructions will not work, since the files do not exist anywhere. You must provide the following files to setup in some way for it to finish correctly. They can be stubs, or the real files from a period-correct build that has them.

File list


Leak[edit | edit source]

The Professional version of this build was released with the following note from the original leaker. According to mrpijey, it was provided by an anonymous source.

Build: Windows Server 2003 ".NET Server" (5.2.3790.1232 Professional Beta)

Compiled: 2004-08-19

This build is a pain in the neck. It should really be called 'Windows Server 2003 "We have no clue what this thing is called because Microsoft are lazy people and don't give proper names to a lot of their project reset builds" (5.2.3790.1232) (Professional Beta)'. This 3790.1232 can be considered a Windows Server 2003 Post-RTM but this particular build was built by the Winmain lab, odd for a server build. What really happened was the Winmain lab taking .NET Server 5.2.3790.1232 when Microsoft were resetting the Longhorn project and decided to toy around with it. You could call this pre-Longhorn Omega-13 if you really wanted, but there isn't really a name for this build, except for "Windows Pain in the neck". While the Longhorn EULA is in there, it isn't necessarily a Longhorn build. It was merely a test build for Microsoft to play with before they moved to Longhorn post-reset pre-beta.

Let's put this on a timeline to make it understandable.

Build 4093 declared a mess, Microsoft decides to reset the project

While Microsoft decides to reset the project, it just so happens 5.2.3790.1232 happens to be the latest code

Microsoft take it and tell the Winmain lab to compile it for the sole reason of playing with it

Microsoft decide to use this as base and move on to begin Longhorn development

I bet you did not understand a word of that whatsoever. Basically, this build is what Longhorn is based on, but it is not strictly Longhorn. It's basically a Server 2003 RTM with SP1 Release Candidate slipstreamed and given a Professional client SKU. This means all the server goodies were removed.

Another thread about the build containing an NFO claiming that the original leak was a "RELEASE BY "KiTTY"" was discussed on the BetaArchive forum. The NFO contained comments possibly directed at BetaArchive staff, due to similar criticism also used (with explicit mention of said site) in the NFO of Windows 8 build 8888 (win8_gdr_soc_intel).

NOTE: The NFO is provided for historical purposes only.

NFO contents

        ((((((((((()       |        |    |  MiCROSOFT WiNDOWS
       /  _____   /|       |        |    |  CODENAME "Longhorn"
      /  /____/  /-|       |        |    |  BUiLD 3790.winmain.040819-1629
     /          /--|       |        |    |  POST-RESET
    /          /---|       |        |----|  RELEASE BY "KiTTY"
   /__________/----|       |        |    |
       |-----------|       |        |    |
       |-----------|       |        |    |
       '-----------'        ------ 
| RELEASE iNFO ...                                            |
| ---                                                         |
| An old build of Windows Longhorn, this was the very first   |
| build to be compiled after the reset. It's the very same    |
| build that Grabberslasher documented at his great           |
| uxUnleaked blog. Similar to Windows Server 2003.            |
| PROTECTION ...                                              |
| ---                                                         |
| 1) Zero-Day Activation                                      |
| 2) Timebomb                                                 |
| iNSTRUCTIONS ...                                            |
| ---                                                         |
| 1) Change BIOS date to 2004-08-19.                          |
| 2) Use the following product key:                           |
|        CKY24-Q8QRH-X3KMR-C6BCY-T847Y                        |
| 3) Boot into Safe Mode WITHOUT Networking.                  |
| 4) Use included AntiWAT to crack activation.                |
| 5) Give hoarders hell for keeping this unleaked             |
|    for so long.                                             |
| MESSAGE FROM KiTTY                                          |
| ---                                                         |
| This release in honor of all those who have had to deal     |
| with the elitist jerks who keep their old as hell boring    |
| builds to themselves for little to no reason. I understand  |
| not wanting to share new builds.. that, of course, is risky.|
| But this is an old build that nobody, especially not MSFT,  |
| will care about. Those who have had this and other similar  |
| builds, get ready... this is just the beginning. There are  |
| more leaks on the way.                                      |
| Want to donate a build? You know where to find us.          |

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