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  • ...that Windows XP build 2223 had commented out code in its Business theme file that would allow the user to configure different colors based on its settings?
  • ...that Apple has officially released several developer releases of what would later become Mac OS X for the x86 architecture as a part of its NeXT legacy, and secretly continued to maintain the port until Tiger?
  • ...that Windows Server 2003 has been renamed four times during development, before settling on its final name?
  • ...that some builds of Windows 98 and Windows 2000 contained a Show Desktop button on the taskbar, which would be scrapped later until Windows 7 build 6568?
  • ...that no build of Windows Vista (including pre-reset) actually used or even included the widespread Longhorn sound scheme?
  • ...that Windows 10 build 19587 and later builds include a new, hidden boot animation that is also used by Windows 10X?


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