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Windows 8 build 7867 is an interim build of Windows 8. This build, along with 7900, was shown running on two NVIDIA Tegra and Qualcomm Snapdragon ARM-based SoCs at CES 2011 in Arizona, USA to demonstrate the capabilities of the then-evolving ARM32 architecture.[1][2]

As this build's lab isn't working on new features, but on ARM compatibility, there are only minor changes in the user interface: the window title is centered instead of being aligned to the left, the caption buttons are slightly bigger than in Windows 7, the branding has been changed to "Microsoft Pre-Release Windows Operating System" (interestingly, unlike the later build 7871, and closer to 7875), and an IE 9 build is used instead of IE 8 RTM.

The characteristic User Tile seen in builds 7788 through Windows 8 build 7850 isn't present here or is disabled. The desktop background utilizes the one seen in the RTM build of Windows 7 in place of the blue-green gradient Milestone 1 wallpaper that was used since build 7788. The kernel version number has also changed to version 6.2. It is the earliest known build to contain an incorrect font for both the title bar and watermark, as they incorporate Arial instead of Segoe UI; this issue would persist up until build 7901 (client) and build 7904 (server).

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