Mac OS 8.x

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Mac OS 8.x
Version of Mac OS
Preliminary name
Architecture68k, PPC
Latest build
Release date1997-07-26
Support end2001-05
Mac OS 7.x
Replaced by
Mac OS 9.x

Mac OS 8 is an operating system by Apple, for the 68k and PowerPC Macintosh platform. It was released on 1997-07-26. This version overhauls the user interface by introducing the Platinum theme. Mac OS 8.5 removed support for the 68k architecture due to Apple's intent to support PowerPC Macs.

Builds[edit | edit source]

8.0[edit | edit source]

8.1[edit | edit source]

8.2 (Beta)[edit | edit source]

8.5[edit | edit source]

8.6[edit | edit source]

8.7 (Mac OS 9 Beta)[edit | edit source]