Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Version of Mac OS X
CodenameSnow Leopard
Preliminary name
Architecturei386, x86_64
Latest build10K1136
Release date2009-08-28
Support end2014-02-25
Mac OS X Leopard
Replaced by
Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Snow Leopard, or Mac OS X 10.6, is the seventh major release of Mac OS X that was released on 28 August 2009. It was announced on 9 June 2008 at WWDC. Snow Leopard is one of Apple's longest lasting Mac OS X operating systems with five years of support and launched with largely positive reviews. It is a minor update over Mac OS X Leopard, focusing primarily on performance improvements.

This is the last version of macOS to support 32-bit Intel Macs and also the last version of Mac OS X to be distributed on optical discs as subsequent releases starting with Mac OS X Lion would only be distributed exclusively through the Mac App Store. Early beta versions also supported the then-obsolete PowerPC architecture.

This is the last version of Mac OS X to include Rosetta, and thus the last version to support PowerPC-only applications.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • Removed support for the PowerPC architecture due to Apple's intent to support Intel processors.
  • On 64-bit systems, the kernel now runs in 64-bit. Most built-in applications have also been updated to support 64-bit.
  • Finder has been rewritten in Cocoa to take the advantages of Mac OS X. Before that, Finder was based on the Carbon API.
  • QuickTime has been updated to version 10, which includes an updated UI, file conversion, screen recording, and video editing.
  • Safari has been updated to version 4, which adds Cover Flow, Top Sites, and VoiceOver.
  • Microsoft Exchange support is now integrated into the Mail, Address Book, and iCal applications.
  • Version 10.6.6 introduced the Mac App Store, an ESD marketplace for free and paid programs for Mac OS.
  • Minor UI adjustments have been made, such as brighter title bars and dark contextual menus for the dock.
  • Full multi-touch trackpad support has been added to all supported notebooks.

List of known builds[edit | edit source]

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