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Build of Windows Vista
OS family
Architecturex86, x64
Timebomb2005-09-28 (+180 days)
Works in
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Windows "Longhorn" build 5048 is the first pre-Beta 1 build of Windows Vista to leak after the development reset of Windows Longhorn. This build was released to attendants of WinHEC 2005, and was known as the "Longhorn Developer Preview". It calls itself Beta 1 in the setup handle, but it's not the true Beta 1.

Being a pre-beta 1 build, it is noticeably closer to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 than to pre-reset builds. It is also an idx02 build, which suggest that it was recompiled several times, and therefore is behind regular builds compiled at the time. The x64 version of this build is similar to the x86 build, but it has a different EULA and Windows XP x64 Edition brand wallpaper instead of the Windows Server 2003 brand wallpaper which is named as winxp.jpg.

Setup[edit | edit source]

Although previous builds of Vista re-used the older i386 installation process, this build re-uses the Windows Preinstallation Environment installation process from later builds of Longhorn, retaining the slate theme as well. However, a few changes have been made. The launching WinPE screen does not show anymore, now leaving you without any option of pressing F6 to load in certain drivers. The starting setup screen has also been majorly uplifted, now containing the windows flag. Anti-aliasing is no longer present on fonts, and the numbers on the progress bar no longer glow. Finally, the hardware portion of setup now includes a dummy progress bar on the bottom (all it does is just continuously increase in size until it reaches the end, then it goes back to the start), and the Windows flag has been added to the middle of the page. Asides from all of these minor changes, setup is overall mostly similar to what was found in later pre-reset builds of Longhorn.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • This build includes Windows System Assessment Tool (shortly WinSAT) and Windows Diagnostic Infrastructure (WDI).
  • The Jade and Slate themes are no longer included.
  • Many of the icons from later pre-reset builds have returned, albeit with minor alterations. A few icons are also new to this build. However, the Control Panel and Printers icons are from Windows 95.
  • This build uses the old way of logging in (the one seen in Windows 2000) by default. The 'new' login screen can be enabled in the control panel, but it is just an exact replica of Windows XP's login screen.
  • This build uses BOOTMGR as the default bootloader, but still includes NTLDR as an alternative way to boot. This can be seen via a dual boot. As a result, this build also contains the notable red screen (RSOD) when a boot error occurs. This build is the first to not boot without ACPI, since it results in an error.
  • Self-Healing NTFS was reintegrated from Windows Longhorn build 4074.
  • Instant Search was implemented in this build.
  • You can disable Recycle Bin from showing up in desktop.
  • Updated in-app icons in Disk Cleanup Wizard.
  • Bezier, Marquee, Mystify and Starfield screensavers are removed.
  • "Printers and Other Hardware" is renamed to "Hardware and Devices" in Control Panel.
  • Control Panel's Category View was rewamped and applets were added for installed programs.
  • User Accounts control panel applet now has a white background instead of gray.
  • Search UI was updated to manage search criteria specifications and Rover was removed from it.
  • "Windows Search Engine" and "Infrared monitor engine" services are added.
  • Windows Media Player 10 now works in this build.
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) options are removed from Power Options.
  • Windows XP Tour, MSN Gaming Zone, MSN Explorer, Phone Dialer, Windows NetMeeting and "Online Services" folder are removed in this build.
  • .h1c, .h1k, .h1s and .h1t help files are introduced in this build.
  • This is the first client build to drop support for IA-64 processors.
  • This build includes an Aero redesign of Accessibility Wizard.

Start Menu[edit | edit source]

Start Menu received many new updates in this build:

  • Search box is added to the left-downside of the Start menu. (It will later be seen in Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • Outlining of the start menu is now transparent.
  • "All Programs" menu is now an inline menu and it doesn't open in a separate context menu-like UI.
  • "Turn off computer" is renamed into "Shut Down".
  • New icons for Shut Down and Log Off buttons.
  • User picture is removed (it will return in Windows Vista build 5098).
  • "Recent" folder link is called "Recent files".

AERO (Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open)[edit | edit source]

  • This build includes three new Aero themes.
  • One of the new Aero themes (Theme 2) use a similar design to later builds of Vista (The only difference is that the minimize and maximize buttons are little arrows, minimize arrow points down and maximize arrow points up, but other than that, its basically the same.)
  • Aero theme is now the default theme overall system, along with its visual effects and wizards.
  • This build also has a new wallpaper and some Vista-like interface areas.

Desktop Window Manager[edit | edit source]

This build includes Desktop Window Manager, but it can crash at startup if no driver is installed, in which case software emulation is needed if no driver is available. LDDM drivers are now included by default, supporting many (but not all) GPUs of the time, however the DWM can run with a regular XPDM driver, using a registry edit.

There are two different ways of initializing DWM, one by modifying the registry, while the other being initializing a DLL via rundll32.exe. The more simpler rundll32.exe method is simply opening up the command prompt, and typing rundll32 udwm.dll,DwmClientStartup. This, however, randomizes the effects used with DWM. The other method of initializing DWM can be done via opening the Registry Editor, navigating to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft, creating a new key called DWM, then creating the following 3 DWORDs inside the key:

Key Values
EnableMachineCheck 1 - enabling machine check, which disallows the possibility of using XPDM drivers

0 - disables machine check

Metal 1 - makes the titlebar yield an opaque a metal-like style

0 - transparent titlebars

UseAlternateButtons 1 - square-like buttons

2 - smaller Vista-like buttons

Once making the following changes, simply log out of the system, then log back in.

User Account Control[edit | edit source]

Windows Explorer[edit | edit source]

  • Breadcrumb Bar and Command Bar are added.
  • Drive Capacity Indicators are added.
  • File Checkboxes are added.
  • Column Headers are now visible in every icon viewing modes.
  • Option to group and sort files is added.
  • Scalable icons are implemented.
  • Static Lists are added.
  • Stacks is added.
  • Metadata Paintings (those were discussed in PDC 2003 and existed in Windows Longhorn build 4074) are added.
  • Filmstrip View is removed.
  • "Copy all items to audio CD" option is removed from music tasks.
  • "View as a slideshow" option is removed from picture tasks.
  • "" and "Radio Station Guide" are removed from Favorites folder.
  • "Customize Links", "Free Hotmail", "Windows", "Windows Marketplace" and "Windows Media" are removed from Links folder.
  • Address bar no longer exists as a separate toolbar.
  • "My Network Places" is renamed to "Network".
  • "My Computer" is renamed to "Computer".
  • "My Recent Documents" is renamed to "Recent".
  • Shared Videos folder is added to Documents folder.
  • Windows logo is removed from the menu bar.
  • Security tab is added to the properties window.
  • "Shadow Copies" tab is added to C: properties.

Updated Tiles View Logic[edit | edit source]

Example: Blue hills.jpg

In build 5001, the file description is like this:

Blue hills


JPEG Image

In this build, the metadata elements are explained as:"(metadata property): (metadata value)" with the exception of the file name. So the same image is mentioned like this:

Blue Hills

Dimensions: 800x600

Type: JPEG Image

This build now shows "Type: File Folder" under the folder names as well.

Folder Context Menu:[edit | edit source]

In "Arrange Icons By":

  • "Modified" is renamed to "Date Modified".
  • "Lock Web Items on Desktop" is removed.

In "Group items by":

  • Current Sort Property is added. When enabled, it shows items in a folder in grouped categories.
  • You can group items by "Name", "Size", "Type" and "Date Modified".
  • "Group Ascending" and "Group Descending" can change the order of groups.
  • "Ungroup" option ungroups all items when clicked.

In "New":

  • Wave sound option is removed.
  • You can now create a new AutoList or a playlist inside a folder with it.

Other changes:

  • "Thumbnails" and "List" options are removed in "View" section.

AutoLists[edit | edit source]

This build is the first build of Windows Vista to include AutoLists.

My Pictures folder includes 3 AutoLists:

  • Events
  • Locations
  • People

My Musics folder includes 7 AutoLists:

  • Album Artists
  • Albums
  • Favorite Albums
  • Favorite Music
  • Genre
  • Music
  • Ratings

Playlists inside user AutoLists:

  • Music auto-rated at 5 stars
  • Music added in the last month
  • Music rated at 4 or 5 stars
  • Music played in the last month
  • Pictures taken in the last month
  • Pictures rated at 4 or 5 stars
  • TV recorded in the last week
  • Video rated at 4 or 5 stars
  • Music played the most
  • All Music
  • All Pictures
  • All Videos
  • High bitrate media in my library
  • Low bitrate media in my library
  • Favorites -- 4 or 5 star rated
  • Favorites -- Have not heard recently
  • Favorites -- Listen to late at night
  • Favorites -- Listen to on weekdays
  • Favorites -- Listen to on weekends
  • Favorites -- One Audio CD worth
  • Favorites -- One data CD-R worth
  • Fresh tracks
  • Fresh tracks -- yet to be played
  • Fresh tracks -- yet to be rated
  • Music tracks I dislike
  • Music tracks I have not rated
  • Music tracks with content protection

AutoLists context menu also includes "Save Search Query" option.

Toolbar[edit | edit source]

Added buttons:[edit | edit source]
  • Move To
  • Copy To
  • Delete
  • Undo
  • Redo
Other:[edit | edit source]
  • Up button no longer exists by default.
  • Back and Forward buttons are no longer a part of the toolbar. They now exist inside the window frame.with the address bar bar and search box
  • Modern view slider is added. It takes advantage of scalable icons (it'll later be seen in Windows Vista's RTM, Windows 7 and unredpilled versions of Windows 8).

Folder Options[edit | edit source]

Added folder options:

  • View options:
    • Show drive letters
    • Show Picture Preview on Hover
    • Size columns automatically
    • Use checkboxes to select items
    • Use Domain Folder Sharing Wizard

Removed folder options:

  • File Types:
    • Appfix Package
    • Channel File
    • Clipboard Clip
    • Drive
    • Help and Support Protocol
    • Microsoft NetMeeting Old Whiteboard Document (.WHT)
    • Internet Communication Settings (.ISP, .INS)
    • Internet Location Service (.ULS)
    • SpeedDial (.CNF)
    • Webpnp (.WEBP)
  • Other:
    • "Do not cache thumbnails" inside "View" section


  • Under General>Tasks: "Show common tasks in folders" is renamed into "Show preview and filters".
  • "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" is now disabled by default.

Details Pane:[edit | edit source]

Details Pane is reinstated in this build:

  • It usually appears at the bottom of the Windows Explorer. However, folders such as Program Files, Windows and C: Drive show Details Pane at the top.
  • "Show all properties" link opens the properties of the opened folder or file.

Windows Picture and Fax Viewer[edit | edit source]

  • App background is now white instead of gray.
  • Icons have more space between themselves.

Taskbar and Start Menu Properties[edit | edit source]

"System Tray" tab is added:

  • "Hide inactive icons" and "Customize Notifications" options which existed in the "Taskbar" tab are moved into this tab.
  • "System controls" section:
    • Clock
    • Volume
    • Network
    • Battery

New "Customize Start Menu" options:

  • 5 new options:
    • My Games
    • My Hardware
    • Power
    • Power - MRU Mode
    • Show shutdown cancel dialog


  • Under "Taskbar" tab, "Notification Area" section is removed.

Paint[edit | edit source]

Menu bar changes:

  • Edit:
    • "Repeat" is renamed to "Redo".
    • Invert selection option is added.
  • View:
    • "Large Size" and "Normal Size" options are added.
    • Updated custom sizes:
      • 600% zoom size is removed.
      • 12.5%, 25% and 50% zoom sizes are added.
      • "Custom Zoom" now appears as a context menu instead of a separate window.
  • Other:
    • "Crop" is added to "Image" menu.
    • You can now set background as stretched besides tiled and centered inside "File" menu.

Other changes:

  • Help icon is removed from "Edit Colors" window.

Speech[edit | edit source]

Microsoft Anna Speech Synthesizer was added in this build, replacing Microsoft Sam.

Speech Properties:[edit | edit source]

  • "Speech Recognition" tab is added. You can change speech language and speech recognition profiles.
  • You can also train for better speech accuracy.

Add or Remove Programs[edit | edit source]

  • If no programs are installed, Change or Remove Programs section will say "No programs are installed" under "Currently installed programs".
  • "Add programs on your network" is added to Add New Programs section. It also has a category drop-down menu.
  • Set Program Access and Defaults has a new icon.

Sync Manager[edit | edit source]

This build includes Sync Manager. It's a new control panel item related to synchronization.

Two folders exist when you first open Sync Manager:

  • "Conflicts" shows conflicts that happened during synchronization. You can arrange or group things for Name, Type, Conflict Type, Date Modified and Partnership.
  • "Errors and Warnings" shows errors, warnings and other events that happened during synchronization. You can arrange or group things for Name, Comments, Date Modified and Partnership.

You can also see last synchronized date and time, synchronization status and progress in Sync Manager.

Indexing Options[edit | edit source]

It's a new control panel item related to search indexing. 3 sections exist there:

  • Status:
    • You can view indexer status, pause and resume indexing.
    • A drop-down menu exists there but only option is "until resumed manually".
  • Performance:
    • "Don't stop working when the user's busy" checkbox exists here only.
  • What is indexed:
    • 3 main options:
      • Email and all Hard Drives
      • Email and My Documents
      • Custom click of setting points
        • If you click "Custom" under that option, you can choose which folders will be indexed.

Outlook Express[edit | edit source]

  • Title bar, menu bar and the toolbar now has a gray background instead of a Windows Classic-themed one.\
  • Toolbar icons are now more spaced out.
  • Windows logo is removed from the menu bar.

Internet Explorer 6 SP2[edit | edit source]

  • "Edit with Notepad" is shortened to "Edit" in this build.
  • "New" submenu inside "File" menu no longer includes "Internet Call".
  • Arrows, address bar and search bar are on top of the menu bar now just like Windows Explorer.
  • "Mail" and "Edit with Notepad" buttons no longer exist in the toolbar.
  • "Go" button is removed.
  • "Acknowledgements" is added to About Internet Explorer.
  • Internet Connection Wizard is removed from Internet Explorer's Program Files folder.

New included fonts[edit | edit source]

  • Calibri
  • Cambria
  • Candara
  • Constantia
  • Corbel
  • Meiryo
  • Microsoft Himalaya
  • MingLiU
  • MingLiU-ExtB
  • Miriam
  • Miriam Fixed
  • Segoe UI

Remote Desktop Connection[edit | edit source]

  • Many in-app icons are updated in this build.
  • In General > Logon settings, "Type the name of the computer, or choose a computer from the drop-down list." is changed to "Specify the name of the computer or select a computer name from the list".
  • You can now connect smart cards and clipboards to the remote computer under "Local Resources > Local devices"

Microsoft Management Console[edit | edit source]

  • Action Pane is added.
  • A button to show/hide Action Pane is added to toolbar.

Disk Management[edit | edit source]

  • "New Partition..." is replaced with 5 different options:
    • New Simple Volume
    • New Spanned Volume
    • New Striped Volume
    • New Mirrored Volume
    • New RAID-5 Volume
  • 3 new options for already-existing partitions:
    • Extend Volume
    • Shrink Volume
    • Add Mirror

Group Policy Object Editor[edit | edit source]

Administrative templates[edit | edit source]
  • NetMeeting is removed from Windows Components subtree.

Search interface[edit | edit source]

Search interface is revamped:

  • The interface now has a gray gradient background.
  • An easier-to-choose set of indexing filters are added:
    • <Any Type>
    • Documents
    • Pictures
    • Music
    • Communications
  • Removed search options:
    • Case sensitive search mode
    • Don't show balloon tips
    • Search tape backup
  • Agent animations are removed.
  • Revamped search filters:
    • Name
    • Size
    • Date Modified
    • Date Created
    • Date Accessed
    • Title
    • Keywords
    • Rating
    • In Folder
    • Visible In
    • Type
    • Attributes
  • Ability to search in either "My Documents" or "Local Disk".

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

  • The setup switches to 16-bit color 800x600 video mode after briefly using 24-bit 640x480 during its startup, resulting in a noticeable dithering effect of the background during setup.
  • There is a limit of 50 files able to be browsed per folder, but it can be bypassed by viewing icons in groups.
  • Enabling auto login for the default user account while having the new login screen enabled can make the login screen throw up an error. This can be safely ignored.
  • Help and Support does not open due to a missing helpctr.exe.
  • System Restore doesn't open in this build.
  • Regular Windows Explorer folder context menu can appear inside Start Menu's search box interface since its earliness.
  • Although this build can partition properly during setup, the partitioning page doesn't refresh properly, requiring you to reboot your system in order to see the new partition.
  • "Shared Pictures", "Shared Musics" and "Shared Videos" folders show "This page cannot be displayed" errors inside Internet Explorer when opened.
  • On-Screen Keyboard throws "The setting in registry is damaged. Please reinstall On-Screen Keyboard" error when opened.
  • Scheduled Tasks fails to find explorer.exe.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Aero Themes[edit | edit source]