Microsoft Windows visual style
Jade in Windows Longhorn build 4093 (main)
Included inWindows Longhorn pre-reset builds
First seen inWindows Longhorn build 4066
Last seen inWindows Longhorn build 4093 (main)

Jade is a visual style introduced in Windows Longhorn build 4066 up to build 4093. Jade is a DWM theme, forked from the private DWM theme Aero. The name Jade came from the appearance of its DWM resources (green and translucent). Being a fork of the Aero theme, Jade differs from the private Aero theme in a few aspects, namely DWM resources, UsesComposition, DemoCheck and possibly the Preview Pane Aurora. Although Jade can be used to reconstruct the Aero theme, contrary to popular belief, jade.msstyles renamed to aero.msstyles will not give the user the private Aero theme.

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