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Build of Windows Vista
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Timebomb2005-09-22 (+360 days)
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Windows Vista build 5001 is among one of the first builds of Windows Vista to be compiled after the development reset of Windows "Longhorn". Images of this build were released by UX.Unleaked on 2008-05-01[1]. On 2020-01-23, Grabberslasher, the owner of the website, announced that this build would be released to BetaArchive.[2] It was later released in the third set of his 33 Longhorn/Vista builds on 2020-01-26, alongside build 4048 and multiple compiles of build 5000.

Despite being similar to Windows XP due to it being compiled early on in its development, it has a new default wallpaper, which is simply Bliss with a Texas Longhorn bull added. Alongside, the banners in "About Windows" have been updated to say "lh" instead of "XP". The Control Panel includes an option called "Portable Media Devices", which was not included in build 5000. Windows Media Player 10 is also now included, although the icon to the program is missing in the Start menu.

This is the last client build that does not require ACPI to work since it uses NTLDR. Later post-reset builds after 5001 require ACPI to operate since they use BOOTMGR instead.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • The details pane in Windows Explorer is broken.
  • The Out of Box Experience (OOBE) crashes when loading the desktop on first boot.

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