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Build of Windows Longhorn
OS family
Timebomb2005-01-03 (+181 days)
Works in
Preinstallation Environment
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Windows "Longhorn" build 4088 (with a build tag of 4088.Lab02 N.040706-1655) is a Milestone 7 build of the Microsoft Windows "Longhorn" operating system.

Previously, only the Preinstallation Environment for this build had leaked. BetaArchive member Daniel has since uploaded the full version of this build to BA FTP on 2015-01-13.[1] Being near one of the final Longhorn builds, this build tends to take long to install and can be unstable. WordPad interface has been fixed.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Safe mode is completely broken, it displays a BSOD.
  • CD and DVD drives appear and behave like local drives.
  • When enabling the slideshow sidebar tile, explorer.exe restarts in a loop. Only fix is to remove the slideshow tile from the registry.
  • Help and Support causes an explorer.exe restart.
  • Computer Management displays script errors.
  • The Windows Classic theme will not function, due to missing files.

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