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BetaArchive home page as of 2018-12

BetaArchive is an online software preservation community, mostly known for its large software archive. It was founded on 2006-08-17 by Andrew Whyman following the demise of OSBetaArchive and has since then grown to be one of the largest pre-release software and abandonware repositories. The site consists of a forum board, an FTP server and a wiki. BetaArchive hosts over 35,000 releases in its almost 70 TB archive. FTP access can be gained by registering on the forum and then contributing a release.

In 2008-12, the site received a large update dubbed "BetaArchive v2" with the switch from phpBB 2 to phpBB 3. in 2013-03, the development of BetaArchive v3 was announced,[1] however, it has been postponed indefintely and version 2.1 was unveiled instead in 2013-09, mostly consisting of forum restructuring. In 2018-09 the BetaArchive Release Database, an online listing of all releases archived by the community, was publicly launched.[2]

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