Microsoft Windows visual style
Slate in Windows Longhorn build 4093
Included inWindows Longhorn pre-reset builds
First seen inbuild 4042 (Lab06_n)
Last seen inbuild 4093

Slate is the default visual style used in Longhorn builds ranging from 4042 (Lab06_n) to 4093. It is forked from Luna and replaced the Plex theme in the role of placeholder for the heavily secured Aero theme, a fork of which, namely Jade, coexisted with Slate in later Milestone 7 builds. It is possible to find earlier bits of the Slate theme in the BLOB (STREAM in later builds) folder of its visual style resources, specifically regarding the taskbar, sidebar and sidebar clock, theoretically suitable for builds in the Milestone 5 and Milestone 6 ranges, thus demonstrating that this theme has been in development much earlier than it is commonly thought and has been kept away from regular Lab06 builds.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

  • Starting from Windows Server 2008 build 4066, the start button which appears when the sidebar is enabled suffers from a bug which makes it stretch in a low quality way. The hitbox does not reach all the way to the corner as well.

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