Mac OS X Snow Leopard build 10A96

Build of Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Architecturei386, x86_64, PPC
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Mac OS X Snow Leopard build 10A96 is the official developer preview build of Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the earliest known build as of 2024. The build's DVD was sent to all attendees of the Worldwide Developer's Conference of 2008. It remains mostly unchanged from Leopard, and as such it is able to run on PowerPC machines; one of two Snow Leopard builds being fully able to run on them (of which the installation notes state is an unsupported configuration).

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The install DVD includes an early version of Boot Camp 3.0.
  • Added a new version of Address Book, which supports Entourage 2007. The original Leopard release is retained for compatibility reasons.
  • Automatic crash reporting is now enabled by default.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

  • The layout of the install DVD's icons would be off-center from their normal positions.
  • On high-end Intel machines, there is an approximate 5-minute delay between the desktop loading and input devices being functional. This behavior does not exist on PowerPC machines.
  • The display resolution is locked to the monitor's native resolution.

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