Mac OS X Panther

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Mac OS X Panther
Version of Mac OS X
Mac OS X Panther Logo.png
Preliminary name
ArchitecturePPC, i386[note 1]
Latest build7W98
Release date2003-10-24
Support end2007
Mac OS X Jaguar (10.2)
Replaced by
Mac OS X Tiger (10.4)

Mac OS X Panther (10.3) is the fourth major release of Mac OS X, Apple's desktop and server operating system. It superseded Mac OS X Jaguar and preceded Mac OS X Tiger. This version of the operating system was released on 24 October 2003. Most builds of Panther were compiled for PowerPC (for public use) and x86 (for testing purposes for the upcoming Intel and Apple partnership, which would continue until the announcement in 2005).

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  1. Internal testing purposes only