Mac OS X Panther build 7B85

Build of Mac OS X Panther
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Mac OS X Panther build 7B85 is the official RTM build of Mac OS X Panther. This version includes one of the first versions of Safari, which replaces Internet Explorer.

Setup[edit | edit source]

The setup process has been updated quite heavily. For example, the X labeled disk on the background has been replaced with another X. Setup itself has been redesigned slightly, while OOBE has had many changeovers, including the removal of the sidebar animation. Disk utility has also been updated heavily, making it more user-friendly.

Changes[edit | edit source]

The Garamond typeface was replaced in many areas of the OS with the Lucida Grande typeface, for example in the redesigned startup screen and in the about box, where the X has become replaced with the Apple logo.

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