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Build of Windows Vista
OS family
Timebomb2006-09-30 (+459 days)
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Windows "Longhorn" build 5098 is one of the last builds compiled before the Beta 1 stage of Windows Vista. By this point, Microsoft implemented a substantial amount of features originally planned for Windows "Longhorn", thus ending the Omega-13 milestone.

This build marks the beginning of the beta 1 stage. This build looks quite similar to 5112, although it still is called Windows 'Longhorn'. This build also has the 5112-style setup. It cannot upgrade to 5112 because build 5099 or higher is required to do so. Paul Thurrott used screenshots of this build in his review of Vista Beta 1[1], and UX.Unleaked also has a few images of this build available[2]. This build leaked on 2020-01-27 by Grabberslasher, founder of the UX.Unleaked blog, and was released in the fourth set of 33 other Longhorn builds along with build 4081.[3]

This build updates the Windows Aero, and introduces the Games Explorer. However, Windows Aero now requires a LDDM driver and XDDM drivers do not work, so Aero is currently not known to run in this build outside of real hardware.

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