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UX.Unleaked is a blog that was run by Grabberslasher. The primary focus of the website was to document the various stages of Windows Vista's development from before and after its infamous reset - this included pre-reset builds such as 4030 (Lab06_n.030630-1724), the main and Lab06_n compiles of build 4042, server build 4066 as well as post-reset builds 3790.1232, and 5001, and 5098. Builds 3790.1232 and 5001 were major subjects of longstanding controversy as a number of individuals had questioned their authenticity between 1 May 2008 through 23 January 2020.[1][2]

The blog additionally documented specifics of Microsoft's forward and reverse integration processes in build labs observed throughout the development of both Windows XP (including its server counterpart) and pre-reset Longhorn.[3][4]

Plans for documenting builds 4030 (main), both main and Lab06_n compiles of build 4031, build 4032 and specific editions of build 4038 were additionally in progress, but were later not realized. Its final blog post was published on 2 July 2008,[5] and since then the blog has remained in a dormant state. All builds documented on the blog have since been shared publicly, a majority of which were sourced by the site owner themselves.[6]

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