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Desktop of OPENSTEP 4.2, the last version of NeXTSTEP.

NeXTSTEP (later known as OPENSTEP) is a discontinued UNIX-based operating system developed by NeXT initially for its proprietary computer systems and later ported to other architectures.

The last officially released version was OPENSTEP 4.2, which was released before Apple's acquisition of NeXT, however, Apple's developer releases of Rhapsody and the subsequently released Mac OS X Server 1.x were still directly based off OPENSTEP. The core technology was later incorporated in Darwin, the base layer of macOS.

Versions[edit | edit source]

Version Release Date
NeXTStep 0.8 1988-10
NeXTStep 1.0 1989
NeXTSTEP 2.0 1990-09
NeXTSTEP 2.1 1991
NEXTSTEP 3.0 1992
NEXTSTEP 3.1 1993-05
NEXTSTEP 3.2 1993-10
NEXTSTEP 3.3 1995
OPENSTEP 4.0 Beta 1995/1996
OPENSTEP 4.0 1996-06
OPENSTEP 4.1 1996-12
OPENSTEP 4.2 1997-01