BeOS is a discontinued operating system, first developed by Be Inc. in 1991. It was developed to run on the PowerPC-based BeBox hardware, and ported to x86 for version 3. It was designed for multimedia applications. BeOS is POSIX-compatible but not UNIX-derived. After its discontinuation, the community is making a new operating system named Haiku, using BeOS concepts.

BeOS in emulators[edit | edit source]

The operating system is notorious for its usage of install media with multiple tracks. This makes it harder to install it in virtualization software, as converting the disc image to a format designed to only store a single track such as ISO 9660 will result in a boot error. Some tools are also known to convert the image into a multi-track format consumable by a VM, although they discard the track information in the process and write a cue file with a single track, leading to the same error.

Version list[edit | edit source]

Version Release date
BeOS PR1 1997-06
BeOS PR2 1997-10
BeOS R3 1998-03
BeOS R3.1 1998-06
BeOS R3.2 1998-07
BeOS R4 1998-11
BeOS R4.5 1999-06
BeOS R5 2000-03
BeOS R5.1 2001-11

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