Windows Vista build 5219 (winmain idx02.050830-2010)

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Build of Windows Vista
OS family
Architecturex86, x64
Timebomb2006-09-30 (+396 days)
Works in
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Windows Vista build 5219 is a pre-Beta 2 build of Windows Vista.

This build was evenly distributed among PDC 2005 (Professional Developers Conference) attendants on 2005-09-13, having also been released to Microsoft beta testers and MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) subscribers).

Important notes about this build[edit | edit source]

  • There is also an earlier version of this build compiled on 2005-08-24, but it is currently unleaked.
  • This build requires a separate installation for Sidebar to work.
  • This was the first known build in which an Ultimate variant of it was compiled.
  • Because of that, it includes all Tablet PC and Media Center components.

New Features[edit | edit source]

New Apps:[edit | edit source]

  • Windows Photo Library (Later known as Windows Photo Gallery.)
  • Windows Calendar
  • Windows Contacts (Even though it existed as a separate executable, it opens the "Contacts" user folder in Windows Explorer which it's tightly integrated with)
  • Windows Media Center Codename "Diamond".

Tablet PC[edit | edit source]

  • Sticky Notes
  • Windows Journal

New Aero Elements:[edit | edit source]

  • Glass improvements on Taskbar.
  • Live Taskbar Thumbnails.
  • Flip 3D now supports glass thumbnails

New Control Panel Applets:[edit | edit source]

  • Peer-to-peer (People Near Me)
  • Secure Startup (BitLocker)

Tablet PC Applets[edit | edit source]

  • Tablet Settings
  • Pen Calibration

Updated Windows Games[edit | edit source]

DirectX-based Windows Games:[edit | edit source]

  • Minesweeper
  • Hearts
  • Solitaire
  • FreeCell

Premium Games:[edit | edit source]

  • Purple Place
  • Shanghai (Now known as Mahjong Titans or Microsoft Mahjong, Microsoft Entertainment Pack 1 had a similar game under the name "Taipei")
  • Chess (Later known as Chess Titans)
  • Spider Solitaire (First appeared in Microsoft Plus! 98)

Improvements to SafeDocs (also known as Windows Backup):[edit | edit source]

New abilities such as:

  • Configuring a backup schedule,
  • Specifying backup location


  • Specifying files to back up.

Uncertain, deprecated and potential features:[edit | edit source]

Help And Center References:[edit | edit source]

  • Game Updates
  • Windows Experience Index

32-bit EFI Support:[edit | edit source]

  • It is one of the few known post-reset builds to support booting from a 32-bit UEFI implementation. This was soon dropped due to low demand from OEMs[1] and didn't reappear until Windows 8.

WinFS:[edit | edit source]

  • Despite Microsoft's decision to later remove WinFS from Windows Vista, certain people testing this build noted that WinFS was still implemented in this build, misleading people to believe that it was still to be released as part of Windows Vista upon the RTM, though there were no visible processes for WinFS.

Other features:[edit | edit source]

  • Super Fetch. Jim Allchin demonstrated this feature during his PDC 2005 keynote.
  • Rich tooltips are added for metadata painting.
  • New Virtual Folder: Documents Shared By Me.
  • Shadow Copies.

Removed Features[edit | edit source]

From Build 5112:[edit | edit source]

  • List Pane
  • Microsoft Speech Center of Windows Speech Recognition
  • Save Ghost
  • Static Lists
  • UAP Settings are disabled by default.

From Build 5212:[edit | edit source]

  • Network Computer Sharing

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • About Windows (winver.exe) now references the name Windows Vista instead of Longhorn, it uses the Windows Vista logo within the About Windows dialog box, with a slight gradient and slightly flamboyant green background, and a wholly white Windows flag logo, along with Windows text of the same tone of color, as opposed to the old Windows Longhorn logo used in build 4044 onwards up to at least as far as build 5212, if not even later.
  • Virtual Folders of previous builds are no longer referenced in the navigation pane (excluding Recent Documents) or by the Start menu. However, they are still present in the "Virtual Folders" user profile folder until when they will be removed entirely in Build 5259.
  • The schema for Windows Search has been updated since Build 5112 to include elements for the name, GUID and computer state of Network Computer Sharing.
  • "Tile Windows Horizontally" is renamed to "Show Windows Stacked" and "Tile Windows Vertically" is renamed to "Show Windows Side by Side".
  • The Library Virtual Folder now scopes the primary user profile, MAPIFolders, Offline Files (also known as the client-side cache (CSC)), and Public. Previously, all Virtual Folders (e.g., All Documents of Build 5112) scoped locations that corresponded to their own item type (in the case of All Documents, only Desktop, Documents, and Public Documents were scoped). Because of this, separate Virtual Folders are not necessary as all types of items are referenced by the Library. Despite all of this, User's Files is still identical.

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