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Timebomb2012-03-11 (+194 days)
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Windows 8 build 8102.101 is the official Developer Preview build of Windows 8 which was released on 13 September 2011. It is the only available build to come with the official Redpill, thus having the Start screen and the Charms bar enabled by default.

Installation[edit | edit source]

It is not possible to fully upgrade to this build through normal means as the only available options are to keep the user profile's files or perform a clean installation. Through the use of external tools (such as ShowHideControls), it is possible to select the option to keep all data including installed applications, allowing a full upgrade to take place without issues.

Redpill[edit | edit source]

This build was the first build released to the public to have all new Metro features working out of the box. While the image that was distributed by Microsoft has all Metro features enabled, internally it still uses the same mechanism of (un)locking Metro features through Redpill as seen in earlier builds. A remnant of the application of Redpill is present in this build in the form of a 'redpill.log' file in the System32 directory. This file gives some insight into the application of Redpill.

The contents of the file are listed below:

Running with /labuseonly
 Running with /restrictedlab
 Running with /privatebinary
 Overriding version check...
 Installing licenses...
 Setting IE activesetup stub
 Setting MIE install state...
 Checking MIE package state...
 Restarting sessionenv...
 Setting IE activesetup stub
 ERROR: Binary version mismatch!
 Enabling via /enable
 Setting MIE install state...
 Checking MIE package state...
 Preparing to install immersive browser...
 Installing MIE OOB...
 Installing MIE complete. Return code: 0
 Finished installing MIE OOB.
 Restarting sessionenv...
 Setting IE activesetup stub
 NoExplorer flag set; skipping explorer restart

Because of the similarities in the way of how features are locked between 8102 and some earlier builds, the files dropped by Redpill in build 8102 have been used to unlock Metro features in several older builds, such as builds 8056, 7989, and 7927.

Disabling Metro[edit | edit source]

As this build still utilizes Redpill, setting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RPEnabled to 0 will disable the Metro features like the start screen or hot corners, effectively un-redpilling the build and resulting in an experience similar to earlier leaked builds of Windows 8, and thus Windows 7, after Explorer is restarted. Special applications were created to suffice for this need. Note that setting RPEnabled to 0 will also result in the Microsoft Confidential watermark appearing on the desktop, just like in earlier builds of Windows 8. In cases where Explorer was not restarted after disabling Metro, a hybrid between classic and Metro may occur where part of the Metro interface still shows on top of the classic shell.[1][2]

Removed features[edit | edit source]

Despite being the first build to come unlocked by default, some features have been removed in this build. Those include accent colors and the ability to zoom out of the start screen.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

Themes[edit | edit source]

This build has some bugs with theming and DWM:

  • Application windows that use the DWM to expand the glass frame into their client area might appear broken, with the transparency effect failing to render for the lower half of the window.
  • Switching to a High Contrast theme and then switching back to Aero or Aero Lite might result in a fully transparent taskbar. The navigation bar may also appear black.
  • Running WindowsAnytimeUpgradeResults.exe with the Aero Lite theme will enable the glass effect for that theme.

Compatibility[edit | edit source]

To install or run this build in VMware Workstation, you must set the hardware compatibility to versions 8.x or 9.x; otherwise, a black screen with an error code will appear such as the code 0x0000001E or 0x0000001A with text that says Your computer needs to restart. Please hold down the power button.

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