Windows 8.1 build 9271

Build of Windows 8.1
OS familyWindows NT
Version number6.2
Build number9271
Build revision0
Build labfbl_partner_out01
Compiled on2012-11-21
Expiration date
Timebomb2014-01-15 (+420 days)
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Windows 8.1 build 9271 is the earliest known and available build of Windows 8.1. It was publicly shared on 27 June 2022, alongside Windows 8 builds 7777 and 7779. It is notably the first build drop of Windows 8.1 to be distributed to Microsoft partners enrolled into the Ecosystem Engineering Access Program (EEAP) as indicated by the build lab string; such builds are sourced from dedicated branches belonging to the fbl_partner_out series, the number at the end of the build lab (in this case, "01") implying that this was the 1st build distributed to the partners (this would later continue with all the rest of the builds from the fbl_partner_out series). As the build was compiled very early into development,[a] there are not much changes present over its predecessor.

Despite being newer than the RTM build of Windows 8, it still uses the older wallpaper set found in late development builds of the aforementioned operating system, which suggests that this build was forked from a late development build of Windows 8. This change would be later reverted in the next build.

Editions and keys[edit | edit source]

Edition / SKU Name Key
ProfessionalWMC (edition upgrade only) MBFBV-W3DP2-2MVKN-PJCQD-KKTF7

Changes[edit | edit source]

Windows Setup[edit | edit source]

The fake Aero border bitmap in the Windows Setup user interface now sports an opaque look and its shadows removed to align with the Metro design language; this change is largely moot, however, as the bitmap itself remains inconsistent due to the presence of rounded corners (which were absent from the actual operating system until Windows 11) and the rest of the visual elements remain largely unchanged in the current mainline Windows builds (as of writing).

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

The timebomb has been extended by one year.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

  • The Earth and Flowers theme retains the display names as seen in Windows 8 RTM while using the older wallpaper set found in late development builds of the aforementioned operating system.
  • The evaluation grace period timer is visible on the watermark at all times.

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Windows Setup[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Windows 8.1 development builds started sometime in October 2012 by jumping directly to the 9250 build range; the latest-known 9200-numbered Windows 8 build that belongs to a non-RTM development branch is build 6.2.9200.0 (fbl_fun_eco.120921-1900), compiled on 21 September 2012.